You may have come to this site because of concerns about a particular 'condition' that has been diagnosed. There are often labels attached to certain kinds of behaviour. The value of those labels can vary. What appears to be a precise scientific term may be more ambiguious or controversial once you explore it more carefully.

Some behaviours may attract more than one label and some labels describe apparently similar behaviours. We provide a summary of what is known or agreed upon with links for more information and support. This is found in Section Two - Behaviours explored.

However, because labels can be misleading, we prefer to start by analysing behaviour then going direct to appropriate responses to modify it. This is done using a mind map to organise ideas. Underlying the map are ideas about Executive Function which are fully explained in Section One

Study skills is a set of pdf files aimed directly at students, so they can start to help themselves. The ultimate goal is a self-monitoring individual, in charge of their own life. Meanwhile, there is also a Word version so you can personalise or alter them if you wish.

The Newsletter will keep you up to date with recent developments and controversies, offering an interpretation and response from a leading member of the forum.

Section Three - Mapping the individual - is intended for teachers and support workers but it may help to see how a consensus is required to make sense of a whole set of relationships. A person's academic and social career is bult on a complex set of interactions so it often needs several people comparing notes to get a rounded picture of the individual.