You may be a student in education or a student of education. You may be studying psychology or engineering or carpentry. You may be at university, college or school.

To find what you need quickly, you can go directly to the menu for study skills. This offers you material at three levels.

Advanced was made for university and A Level / Level 3 students.

Intermediate was written for for GCSE or level 2 students students.

Introductory is the shortest and simplest version, made for level 1.

There is advice and guidance on how to manage information and, if you need it, another set of pages on the use of English. Some of the advice may be new to you; some may not. Underlying it is the important principle that you need to know your own mind, you need to understand how your mind works so you can look after it properly, be more efficient and make life easier for yourself.

To learn more about the psychology of learning, you can then choose, if you wish, to look at the idea of Executive Function and how it affects your ability to learn. Ideas are organised around a simple mind map.