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Not everybody engaged in teaching classes is familiar with the many complex reasons why students cannot learn. Explaining it to them is difficult and time consuming. Many people, understandably, want quick recipies to address immediate concerns, and will often see 'cannot' as 'will not'.

This site allows for various levels of engagement. The aspiring expert can look in detail at underlying theory and the harassed practitioners can seek out advice of the best response. Ideally, they will meet in the centre around the mind map we use to organise the ideas as an institution comes to understand the individual.

Section One - EF explained in detail - shows how EF is relevant to educational practice and helps teachers to understand how its ideas may be applied to their individual contexts. At a level even below that of Maslow's hierarchy, we look at the relationship of stress to learning - how to understand what appears to be a refusal to learn.

Section Two - Behaviours explored - will introduce you to our mind map as a way to organise information about behaviour and about reasons for not learning. This will include an option exploring the old familiar labels - ADHD, Aspergers etc - but also allows you to explore behaviour and consider responses without them, thus escaping from what might be dangerous preconceptions.

Section Three - Mapping the individual - gives you some options for helping a teaching team cooperate in formulating an effective response to an individual student. These can supplement the Common Assessment Framework by encouraging co-operative analysis of the behaviours that require a response.

Study skills is a set of pdf files aimed directly at students, although we direct you later to Word versions so you can adapt them for your own use if you wish.

The Newsletter will keep you up to date with recent developments and controversies, offering an interpretation and response from a leading member of the forum.

From time to time, we run courses and seminars with a 20% discount for forum members.