practising teachers and educational managers


Section One - EF explained in detail - shows how EF is relevant to educational practice and how its basic ideas may be applied to your individual context. It can be read as a quick introduction or a more throrough tutorial, depending on how many links you explore.

Among those you might choose are the many interpretations of 'personalisation' and ideas about reducing stress in teachers, but the main focus is on how to understand and modify behaviour to increase learning.

Section Two - Behaviours explored introduces our mind map as a way to organise information about behaviour and about reasons for not learning. This includes an option referring to the familiar labels - ADHD, Aspergers etc. - but also allows you to explore behaviour and consider responses without them.

Section Three - Mapping the individual - gives you some options for helping a teaching team cooperate in formulating an effective response to an individual student. There are also two sets of Study Skills materials. One is a set of pdf files aimed directly at students. The other includes teacher notes and is in Word so you can adapt them for your own use in class on the intranet if you wish.

The Newsletter will keep you up to date with recent developments and controversies, offering an interpretation and response from a leading member of the forum. From time to time, we run courses and seminars with a 20% discount for forum members