Who are the PLF?

The Personalised Learning Forum LLP was registered as a parternship with Companies House (OC3340440) in January 2008. It arose from a conversation between an educational manager and an educational psychologist.

The psychologist was concerned that teachers did not fully grasp the importance of executive function or know how to increase it. He was frustrated that they rarely had enough time to analyse situations adequately.

The manager was concerned with designing organisations to support learning. He felt that information about learning in general and about individual students in particular was not always applied to teaching contexts effectively.

Together, they spent the next year working with other psychologists, teachers and managers to develop and test a web-based resource called that would bring about change within a range of contexts, regardless of the time constraints and the complex external pressures that can encourage hasty action based on superficial analysis.

Their joint aim is to change the way education deals with individual differences, improving the way institutions and individuals use information to make decisions. The PLF seeks to help teachers and managers understand what information matters, how to obtain it and how to construct systems that apply it effectively.

John McKeown is a chartered psychologist and the managing partner of McKeown Psychology Associates Ltd., combining the expertise of educational psychology with legal representatives. He has wide experience with schools, colleges and parents in the UK and Holland, appearing as an expert witness as well as continuing with individual consultations on a regular basis. He developed the original mapping process to explain potential barriers to learning when discussing individual cases and continues to expand and refine its appllcations.

Paul Eustice, a Fellow of the Institute for Learning, runs FE Training and Consultancy, which has employed educational managers, teachers, researchers, support staff, writers, illustrators, film makers, musicians, carnival mas makers and technical designers to encourage staff development and produce learning materials for HE, FE, secondary and primary schools. Paul has 34 years experience as a teacher and educational manager, adapting systems and materials for fragile or reluctant learners and for staff trying to understand them. He keeps in touch with day-to-day problems through interim management and continues to meet students requiring individualised programmes, so he can ensure MapMe materials will help busy educators to access and deploy the mapping process, whatever their sector.