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The PLF exists to help others understand and, when necessary, alter a student's Executive Function, without having to master complex scientific terms or trawl specialist libraries. It combines insights from educational pyschology with practical experience of teaching and learning to allow you to explore your own routes to a more successful learning process.

If you are, understandably, unclear about even the term 'personalised learning' you can read this free seven page explanation. To explore Executive Function, just carry on below.

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What is Executive Function

Executive Function (EF) is the brain’s ability to engage with and absorb information, to interpret and then make decisions based upon it. Teachers sometimes complain that students cannot learn because they lack 'study skills', a set of techniques, attitudes or mental habits necessary to manage information and ideas efficiently. EF is about something more fundamental.They also speak of the difference between the content of learning and the process of learning - between syllabus content (facts, ideas) and the techniques, attitudes or mental habits a student develops in order to engage with the content or as a result of doing so. That is closer to what EF is about, but it is really about something more comprehensive.




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